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Posted under Adventure category for Below 10 Years by Pranav on 1/20/2015 | Views: 3295  

      Rise of Dark D..... And Godzilla

Read Dark D...... vs Adventures Six before this part....

        Dark Danish did not die he went to the underground world. He kicked himself that fools beat me I will not give never I will give I will make a dinosaur not dinosaur I will make Godzilla. Let me see how. Yes let me take navigation tool and click a picture of Godzilla in from the Movie. After Dark danish finished bringing all the tools he started making Godzilla! The Adventures did not knew about it they were having a nice time in the party they never though that Dark Danish did not die they were simply were having fun. Suddenly they saw a big building move. It was not a building it was Godzilla! Godzilla? here but how.This world is not humans but dinosaurs.

        Vibha said Am I watching Jurassic Park are Am I in Museum.

        Nooooooooooo! You fool this is real said Pranav.

        All the cousins transformed into superheroes. Ananya and Sreenidhi transformed into superwomans. First of all the cousins fried the Godzilla!

They did this by:-

        Pranav had beaten Godzilla very far with his hulk powers. Then all the sisters frozed the Godzilla. Then Vivek burned the Godzilla and the Godzilla died! Then Pranav said we have ruined out money!!!!!!!!!

        Everyone were shocked. After a minute Pranav thought for a hunt for money.

        Alright that is a quite good decision

        "We will go to france first i wanted hunt money there", said Vibha

        "Ok we have 45 lakhs left", said Sunidhi

        "I am booking tickets tonight", said Sunidhi

        "Alright", said Pranav

AT Night 12:00 AM,

        Soon they reached Atlantic ocean they saw a wonderful view there north was greenland,south was Pacific ocean, there east was North America and West was England.


        Vibha was in England ! And Pranav too. Pranav though a picture which was like a Dinosaur .

        Oh nooooooooooo! It is a Godzilla . He said Vibha “A Godzilla Attacked us At sea . Pranav took his superhero form but he could not because he was in England not in USA as he frogot the tracking system in the house and only one guard was taking care of the house.Now he do not have even money for one flight ticket he has one lakh left with him in his credit card which has fallen into the sea.

        One the other side Vivek, Sunidhi, Sreenidhi and Ananya were on a strange land which they to did not know.They were hunting for Pranav and Vibha. They reached a town and asked the local people that which is this they said this is India. What but how on earth land up here on India we were going to France and the plane crashed in the mid-Atlantic ridge so why will be in India as it very far from Mid -Atlantic Ridge said Vivek.

        They discovered that they were in Vizag they kept moving. Sunidhi had 10 lakhs in her purse with this money she took her cousins to Pranav’s house. There they met his father Jethindra goud and there mother Pavani with after a tea they said about the disaster which happened Mrs. Pavani was uncounsious. Mr. Jethindra with his clever mind he spot Pranav with the help of his friends as he was civil had friends roaming all over the world.

        Vivek got a noise from Pranav's room. He thought he was planning to defeat the Godzilla. But the noise day by day it grew. One night he saw a shadow going to Pranav's room he did not understoood who it was. Day after day so many shadows entered Pranav's room. Vivek became restless so one day he went to Pranav's he saw a half model of a Godizilla and dreadful thing which he saw was a skeletal system of many persons but you know these all were floting in air he thought how is this possible ? He saw Dark D sitting and creating Godzilla.

        Suddenly someone hit him from back morning he saw himself in prison where the real Pranav was. Brother shouted Pranav Alas you are also captured by Dark D. Vivek But how on earth you landed.

        "One full moon night I went out of the hotel to walk outside in a park nearby suddenly someone hit me from back", said Pranav.

        Vivek said, "But where are we".

        "We are in the future and Danish is from Future too that is why he came to revenge the death of his son who was killed by my son", said Pranav.

        "But how did you came know of it?", asked Vivek.

        "I came know of it when danish talked about", it replied Pranav.

        "Do you know the way to go to future", asked Vivek.

        "Yes I know , let us go to future to meet my son and ask his help to destroy and I even do not know how he created those Godzillas", said Pranav.

        "Ok lets go", said Vivek.

        Meanwhile Danish created his army once again with the power of the dead people coming to Pranav's room. Once he was done he attacked the house and captured all the relatives of Pranav and prisoned. Danish noticed that Pranav, Vivek had escaped his security. He got furious.

        Pranav reached his son s’ home and asked his help.

        He said ok and with the help of his friends Pranav and his son went to the past destroyed Danish and his army. Pranav's son saw his grandfather (Jethindra Goud) and was very happy. Pranav's son gave him money. But before that they needed to destroy one more Godzilla. Pranav's son said to Pranav's father, "lets do this" and Pranav said to Jethindra's father, "lets do this" and they destroyed the king of Godzilla.

Continue in the Great Party of war


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