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Need Some Good Strategies to Help Students Memorize Math Facts?

Many of the after school activities that children are involved in are also suspended during school holidays. Without the pressure of not-enough-time-in-a-day, you can start to help your child focus on learning math facts, or you can set aside some 10-20 minutes for this during school days. Teachers working with small groups of children can also use this method.

Once you get started, you and your child will see that it does not take up a lot of time, and it is easy, and even fun for the children to learn math facts.

1) Use a set of flash cards to determine which math facts are “known,” meaning the fact is answered automatically and            correctly without counting to get the answer.

2) Record these known facts. If you are using Two Plus Two Is Not Five: Easy Methods to Learn Addition and Subtraction or      Five Times Five Is Not Ten: Make Multiplication Easy, the record-keeping pages are provided for you in the books.
3) Use 3? by 5? index cards to make a practice card for each known fact, and keep them in a rubber-banded pile.
Keep addition and subtraction facts in one pile, and multiplication cards in another.

+ 2
x 6
- 2

4) Review these fact cards daily with your child. Remember, your child knows them, so they will be easy to answer, and your  child will feel good about knowing the answers quickly!
5) Teach a few new facts each day, and make a 3? by 5? card for each one. Add these new facts to the stack of known facts,  and continue to practice daily. Remember to teach a way to remember the fact.
6) Repeat the process so that over time, the child masters all of the facts, and will not have to count out answers when  working on math assignments. Time will vary depending on the each individual’s ability, the number facts known, and the frequency of practice sessions.
A word of advice: Set the pace at the child’s ability. Some children will be ready to learn new facts during each practice session; others may not. Keep the child successful, and remember to praise your child.

So make your children learn maths without fear and let them enjoy...!!!


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