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Important Steps to parents to take Care :

  1. Watch their moments in the home after they come from school.
  2. Try talking to them more like a friend and encouraging them in all categories like playing sports etc. Play with them if possible.
  3. Dont be harsh on them when they does any mistakes, instead let them to learn the things from you very politely with cool and lovely heart.
  4. Avoid fighting with your spouse ( and also any issues that happens around ) in front of your children because., they are the fastest people in the world who grasps everything.
  5. They should have a descent fear from you and at the same time they should be known your love.( So, Politeness is very important to teach anything ) .
Avoiding and Seeking:
  1. Let them play the games in smartphones and that will improves their power of enthusiasm and sharpens their minds but, dont let them addicted to them ( Important ).
  2. Dont teach educational stuff like their class teachers. Teach them like suggesting them.
  3. Dont tell their mistakes before they do them because they must have to do mistakes. Then only they will gain self confidence and never does that again.
  4. Give them whatever they want and at the same time ask some contribution from them( Means forcing indirectly to the good habits ).
  1. Let them addicted to the Homely Food and that will make them Hygienic.
  2. Prepare food whatever they like and expecting from you.
  3. Dont allow them to eat outside food much., and that may effects their health.
  4. Important thing is make them habituated of drinking more water. That is a very very Good Habit.
  1. First thing is Encourage their every talent they have and make them do it again and again( like dancing, singing, playing etc. ).
  2. Try to be with them while they participates in any events ( in school or anywhere ). That will gives them a lot and lot of support.
  3. Tell them 'take it easy' while they lost any event and also encouraging in that time is much more important.
  4. Dont shout on them when they get low marks in any subjects. Instead of that encourage them to rectify their mistakes and help them getting successful in that again. 
           These are my first lines written on and about the growth of Children in their childhood. If there are any mistakes in the above lines, please excuse me and let me know them too because I'm not a child Psychologist to know all of their mindsets.
           Reply or Comment below with your Sugessions on Kids Care, or try to submit new Posts on your own Ideas that might help so many parents to take care of their children.....................
Thanks and Regards


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